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Selected Working Papers


“Rulers or Rules? International Law, Elite Cues and Public Opinion.” (with Beth Simmons and Matthew Kim) (Download) (Appendix)

"Why Rich Countries Win Investment Disputes: Taking Selection Seriously." (Download)

"Semiparametric Weighting Estimators for Multi-Period Difference-in-Differences Designs." (Download)

"You Only Dissent Once: Re-Appointment and Legal Practices in Investment Arbitration" (Download)

``Testing Counteraction on Human Rights.'' (with Judith Kelley and Beth Simmons)

"An Improved Method of Automated Nonparametric Content Analysis for Social Science.'' (with Connor Jerzak and Gary King) (Download)

"Telescope Matching: A Flexible Approach to Estimating Direct Effects.'" (with Matthew Blackwell) (Download)

“International Disputes, Media Coverage, and Backlash Against International Law." (with Ryan Brutger) (Download)

“Detecting Causal Masking.” (with Adam Glynn and Eric Beerbohm)